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Thyme Matters Parties

Thyme Matters is a great location for hosting parties and events. The space can accommodate up to 40 people and is located on the second floor, providing privacy for guests. A private restroom is available, and a dedicated server is on hand to ensure that all guests' needs are taken care of. Thyme Matters offers a customized menu, so hosts can select the perfect options to meet their guests' preferences. Whether it's a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or corporate event, the Thyme Matters team can help make the occasion unforgettable. With a range of catering options and a welcoming atmosphere, Thyme Matters is the ideal location for hosting parties of all kinds.

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Thyme Matters Meetings

The meeting space at Thyme Matters is a fully stocked multimedia room that accommodates up to 40 people. It is equipped with all the necessary tools for a successful presentation, including a projector, screen, advancer, laser pointer, and wireless mic. The separate sound system ensures that audio is crisp and clear for everyone in the room. The space is located on the second floor, providing privacy and a quiet atmosphere for meetings. In addition, a private restroom is available for guests, and there is a dedicated server to cater to any refreshment needs. Thyme Matters also offers a customized menu to ensure that all guests are satisfied during their visit. Overall, the meeting space at Thyme Matters is well-equipped and designed to provide a professional and comfortable setting for any type of meeting or presentation.


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